Hemp. Cotton. Jersey. High quality t-shirts by OSKA.

Women's t-shirts by OSKA are different. Bolder. More feminine. They are made for all women who believe that trends don’t last long enough.


We create women's t-shirts that never go out of fashion. We interpret style flexibly because we want t-shirts to always be wearable. That's why we combine the sporty with the elegant, why our tops can be everyday companions or captivating eye-catchers; yet they are always casual and elegant. Our t-shirts are meant to be classics in your wardrobe, complementing your outfits for years to come. Enabling classic, casual but also self-confident looks, our slightly oversized t-shirts for women fit into your fashionable life. Do you enjoy high-quality, timeless must-haves? Then discover relaxed t-shirts made of hemp, cotton and jersey by OSKA.

Sustainable, natural and casual. High quality t-shirts by OSKA.

Our t-shirts for women come in different shapes and cuts, from short or long sleeves to feminine V-necks or cool casual round necks. The shapes might differ but the materials all have the same goal: to combine sustainability with maximum wearing comfort and to create t-shirts that are timeless and wonderfully durable.

Women's t-shirts made from a hemp-cotton blend envelop your silhouette lightly and gently, bringing a sense of weightlessness into your day. At the same time, they are surprisingly resistant and also eco-friendly. Hemp and cotton are rapidly renewable raw materials – hemp in particular uses less water in production than other materials. The organic cotton single jersey for our women's t-shirts is made of 100% cotton. So cosy. You almost can't get more comfortable and supple than this.

At OSKA, we are convinced that women's t-shirts must do more than just look good. That's why we focus on soft, high-quality materials and the responsible use of fabrics. So that wearing OSKA gives you a good feeling that lasts.

Fundamental. Versatile. High quality. Women's t-shirts by OSKA.

T-shirts from OSKA are essential basics that can be used in a variety of ways, still they always make a big impression. Why not combine our high-quality women's t-shirts made of hemp with short or long trousers? The result: a surprisingly classic and self-confident look. Wear an understated yet elegant ladies' top with a skirt for the ultimate wear-anywhere outfit. Our clothes invite you to play with expectations in a sophisticated yet pared-back way, combining sportiness and elegance with an urban edge.

The colour palette of our casual women's t-shirts ranges from basic, soft colours to expressive colours. Colourful t-shirts stand for bold statements and clear contrasts. This gives you the freedom to play with colours and create unexpected contrasts or calming harmonies.
Choose a favourite piece that can do it all. With OSKA.