The OSKA Colour Palette


Colours evoke emotions and create moods. Every colour has its own “vibration” and exerts a significant influence on how we feel – relaxed, calm, full of energy, self-confident, happy or fierce. Shades that are loud or subdued, strong or restrained make a statement to the outside world and also emphasize our personality. We are able to do this very effectively through the selection of our clothing.

This is why colour design and development of the colour palette coordinated for each season is top priority for OSKA. It is the calling card of the current season.

Coloured – yet never colourful

Calm and unobtrusively orchestrated: our philosophy of colour is orientated towards a subtle colour scheme of diffuse subdued natural tones – regardless of seasonal trends. Soft and warm nuances hold their own next to cool, smoky, and shadowy neutrals. Black and white alternate with shaded hues of brown, blue and green. Luminous shades occasionally form a striking contrast.

The expert’s eye

Which colour matches to which type? How do different shades affect various materials and what kind of effects can be achieved thereby? Individual colour consultations by our schooled professionals are an important component of our service offer at point of sale. This is why we take the time, make suggestions, and inspire the customer to play with new fashionable forms of expression - for a relaxed shopping experience and for a satisfied customer.

The season’s colours

Every season – in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter – our design team develops a topical colour concept comprising approximately 20 new shades. These colours are assigned to the particular qualities which make up the collection. Which colours bring out the specific characteristics of linen? Which shades accentuate the special character of a boiled wool quality? That is the point of this process. The specially created colour card allows us to perfectly showcase the beauty of the material.

The customer is king

A large part of our collection is manufactured with the garment-dye process. With this technique, the finished sewn raw white models are placed in the desired dye bath. Linen, cotton and viscose are especially suited for this procedure.

Most of all, garment-dyeing gives us the opportunity to dye with orientation to the customer. This means that all collection pieces of one colour group and quality are dyed in the desired quantity as per customer or shop orders. It is an elaborate and select procedure and guarantees the customer that all pieces of that particular quality show the same nuances of colour and harmonize perfectly with each other.

We are continuing to develop

By adding special colour pigments and with additional washing procedures we are also able to achieve effects such as OSKA typical vintage-dyes. Thus, a linen jacket receives the look of a washed pebble stone, a viscose shirt the matte sheen of worn pearls, and a cotton dress the appearance of sun-bleached terracotta.

This is a process which requires creative finesse, a large amount of expertise and a properly qualified staff. PRO LEN, our partner company in the Czech Republic, fulfils these prerequisites on the highest level. The best hand-crafted work is achieved here thanks to their own dye house and pressing room. Together with our design team in Munich, PRO LEN is able, above all, to surprise our trading partners and, last but not least, the OSKA customer with a steady stream of new colour formulas and innovative dyeing techniques.