Sustainability is of great importance to us

Sustainability – a concept found in every politician’s speech, every economic philosophy, and every marketing concept in today’s world. And justifiably so. Our resources are finite. Our planet Earth is not invulnerable. There is no denying that we bear a responsibility to future generations to leave them an environment worth living in according to today’s standards.

Sustainable = Lasting

So what does sustainability mean to OSKA? First and foremost that we produce long lasting fashion. Our materials and workmanship are of high quality and do not lose their good fit or beautiful appearance even after their third season of wear. We make garments which are timeless and still please our customers in the next season or the one after.

Piece by piece

We do not fabricate short-lived trends - we design fashion which emphasizes the individual personality of our customer - fashion that is not interchangeable and very versatile in combinations. That is why the structure of our collection is modular within one collection and reaching across various seasons.

Our materials – naturally beautiful

High wearing comfort, a maximum of skin-friendliness and a pleasant feel – these are the prerequisites on which we base our material selection. Together with our European and German partners we develop a large part of our materials exclusively for OSKA. Cool linen and soft cotton for summer, cuddly soft wool and high-grade natural fibres for the winter season. Wearing comfort, easy-care properties, and dyes undergo intensive testing and are then further developed and optimized.

Fair partnerships

We also set the bar high when choosing our business partners. We only work with suppliers and sewing operations which adhere to our high standards. Trust, short distances, and long years of experience – that is what our Czech partners stand for. Since many years a large part of our production is created in that region which has a long tradition of textile manufacturing. We have a large number of mid-size companies and well-trained experts there who contribute their expertise.

Munich – design workshop and idea pool

OSKA’s creative heart beats in Munich. In Munich’s district of Schwabing designers, pattern makers, technicians, fabric purchasers, marketing and executive management develop and perfect the unique look of OSKA.

Every one of the over 300 pieces placed on the international market twice a year, in the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, are designed, tailored, sewn, fitted and made ready for production here.

Flat hierarchies, closely-linked structures, overseeable work processes - working in small teams is a prerequisite for the high standard we have in creating fashion which is timeless, beautiful, of high quality, long lasting, and sustainable.

By improving our standards, optimizing our production techniques and testing new materials we rise to the challenge - every day and with a keen sense of what we owe to the OSKA label, our customers, and the world in which we live.