Casual women's linen jackets for unique, timeless looks that radiate casual elegance

Are you looking for something lightweight and special to wear this summer? Meet the jackets in our spring/summer collection.


Linen is our go-to summer fabric. We love the subtle shiny surfaces, the cooling properties, the casual look, the countless cuts and details that are possible with linen. We create our linen jackets for women that become centrepieces of new looks. They represent the silhouettes that make OSKA so unique. Discover feminine A-shapes of subtle elegance, boxy styles for urban outfits and slim looks for figure-hugging sophistication. Experience details like shirt collars, large patch pockets or rear pinch pleats for special shapes. And fall in love with linen jackets that are different.

Lightweight summer jackets and linen coats for women by OSKA

With our linen jackets, you can create casual looks, round off business outfits and break new ground for spring and summer. With OSKA you can create relaxed and playful silhouettes. Discover material that’s as light as it is casual, as airy as it is elegant:

  • Our ladies' jackets made from pure linen come to the rescue when the temperature rises. Linen is comfortable in all weather: it has a cooling effect but still keeps you warm when it gets a little colder. Linen is especially comfortable, airy and casual.
  • Cotton-linen and lyocell-linen blends offer special properties that make the summer even more beautiful. They count as the most breathable fabrics for summertime. They are skin-friendly, feel pleasantly silky and cool. Plus they are durable and stand for slow fashion that stays looking beautiful for years to come.
  • Our linen fil-à-fil jackets are classy and fashionable essentials. With its check-like weave, fil-à-fil offers stand-out elegance combined with durability, and it's always easy to care for.

Linen by OSKA stands for sustainability. Our linen comes from Ireland and is dyed in Europe. Our designs are timeless which makes them more sustainable. We design slow fashion. We create distinctive, slightly oversized linen jackets and coats designed to last more than one season.

Linen jackets for self-confident, feminine summer looks

We love linen and its unique properties. But most of all, we love what we can make out of it. Our current spring/summer collection proves: linen jackets by OSKA are different. They are made for women of today, for urban looks and timeless outfits that keep trends in mind but stand out from the crowd.

With our long linen jackets and linen shirt jackets you can create new silhouettes, elegantly complete casual outfits - or conjure up unforgettable layered looks. Discover A-silhouettes, boxy styles and slim cuts. Combine shades and hues that are never overpowering, but always impressive. Discover natural tones and urban contrasts, fall in love with boxy contours or gently curved silhouettes that you can finish with our summer accessories. Combine our shirt jackets with OSKA denim trousers for modern feminine looks. Or perhaps you'd like to create your summer look with a linen waistcoat and jacket, a linen skirt and a beautiful bag from OSKA? Be creative, be yourself. With our lightweight, summer linen jackets for women, you can be whoever you want to be.