Linen trousers and linen culottes by OSKA: made for casual summer looks

We love summer and we love linen trousers. Their versatility and subtle sheen, the breezy look they create, their elegance and how comfortable they are.


Our relaxed linen trousers are essentials for the perfect spring and summer outfit. They are cool and loose-fit and thanks to their high quality materials, they are made to last. OSKA summer linen trousers are made from 100% natural materials. Because we believe that only slow fashion is sustainable fashion. We create natural linen trousers that leave a lasting impression, for many years. Whether linen culottes or linen paperbag trousers, in natural tones or timeless shades: Discover casual elegance with OSKA.

Our linen trousers for an unforgettable summer

Are you looking for lightweight summer linen trousers for women? For new silhouettes and outfits that always look elegant and yet relaxed? The current OSKA collection offers just that - and so much more. Our linen trousers are made for looks that are as individual as they are confident.

We focus on timeless design by creating linen paperbag trousers that radiate relaxed elegance. We produce wide-leg trousers that stand for the typical OSKA silhouette. Trousers that have a casual, urban look but always fit perfectly. Whether they are made from 100% Irish linen or from a cotton or lyocell linen blend, OSKA summer linen trousers are essentials for a relaxed spring and an exciting summer full of surprises.

Our linen trousers accompany you everywhere because linen is both comfortable and robust. The best part: it doesn’t require any special treatment and only gets softer and more beautiful with time. The high quality natural fibre is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Whether jackets or trousers, skirts, dresses or blouses: OSKA's spring and summer fashion is largely made of linen, because that’s how we create slow fashion that lasts. Fashion pieces that may follow trends, yet are never mainstream. Our spring and summer collection is simply unthinkable without linen.

Our lightweight linen trousers for airy summer outfits

Especially when it gets hot, nothing beats linen: it’s cool, so airy and always comfortable. Our casual linen trousers are your companions through the warm seasons and central components of casual, urban looks.

Straight, vertical lines emphasise the H-shape of modern, feminine OSKA silhouettes. With our linen paperbag trousers and wide linen culottes, you can put together pared-back, classic outfits that celebrate summertime in an elegant, yet casual way.

To create your special OSKA summer look, we focus on the interplay of patterns, cuts and, above all, colours. Natural tones and shades create harmonies or contrasts with instant appeal. What about combining ankle-length, wide linen trousers in a washed look with a matching linen waistcoat or a light and airy OSKA blouse for looks that radiate calm and elegance? Or go for light summer coats and jackets, which you can complement with a pair of linen culottes or paperbag trousers - in matching colours or in soft contrasts. Create layered looks and discover tone-on-tone ideas for yourself. Combine oversized, loose fit linen trousers by OSKA with summer jumpers and create linen outfits with light accessories. Be yourself and enjoy summer to the fullest!