Airy, elegant linen dresses for every summer

Linen dresses by OSKA are as casual as they are unique, as sensual as they are purposeful.


They embody our commitment to slow fashion because they're authentic and made to last. Feminine and timelessly beautiful. Our lightweight women's linen dresses wrap you in the perfect summer outfit, anytime and anywhere. OSKA’s linen dresses work as casual beach dresses as well as elegant evening dresses, companions for everyday life and exciting eye-catchers for special occasions. The lightweight fabric always feels great – on your skin and in the way you present yourself to the world. We manufacture our beautiful dresses with sustainable raw materials from Europe. Like our Irish linen, that's 100% sustainable – as well as loose, casual and light.

Dresses with responsibility. Our cotton linen dresses for women are more.

Our airy dresses effortlessly and gently embrace your body. The silhouettes of our linen summer dresses play with shapes and contours, drawing the focus to completely new details, creating sensual yet relaxed summer outfits. In a nutshell: with a linen sundress from OSKA you can defy trends. Midi cut or knee-length – the choice is yours.

Alongside feel and cut, responsibility is also very important to us. The responsibility to create slow fashion that can make a difference. That's why our summer dresses for women are made of Irish linen or Lyocell linen picée. These fabrics are not only sophisticated and soft, they also create elegant one-offs that bring out your individuality. You get to create an exclusive, authentic aesthetic that outlasts ephemeral fashion fads. And thanks to the materials we choose our summer dresses have strong sustainability and eco-friendly credentials.

We believe that slow fashion is a lifestyle. With our linen and picée dresses, we aim to support this lifestyle. Because sustainability for us always means creating long-lasting pieces from responsible materials.

Contrasts, harmony, accents. Casual yet classic linen dresses from OSKA.

Are you still looking for ideas about how to wear our timelessly beautiful linen sundresses? Here's a great tip: create a confident contrast by pairing your feminine, long linen dress with masculine, casual jackets and vests. A combination that both looks confident and urban, across all seasons. Or switch things up by styling with a linen culotte for a look that turns your lightweight linen summer dress into a tunic. The trick is simple: by using the same fabrics, you create a stylish, pulled-together look that you can break up or harmonise with unique accessories.

Or combine your women's linen dress in midi length with a matching waistcoat, for a partnership that radiates calm and serenity. A floppy sun hat is the classic pairing for softly draping linen dresses. But if you want to try out something new, try a lightweight summer scarf as a headband. And let the adventure begin.

Welcome the summer with us. And discover beautiful natural linen sundresses from OSKA.